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Module NeoSeo Suppliers will allow You to store at your store of information on suppliers of goods. No need to remember who You are buying from a particular product to their online store. Simply create a provider and bind it with the product. There is also the possibility to store the username and password of the personal Cabinet on the website of supplier of goods, details or contact information.

Additional module benefits
  1. The module is easy to use.
  2. The interface is as simple and convenient as possible.
  3. The module does not require additional configuration, after installation and activation it is immediately ready for use.
  4. The module allows you to associate not only suppliers with goods, but also suppliers with brands
  5. Data on suppliers is stored both in the product / manufacturer’s card and in the supplier’s card, which allows you to quickly find out what products are taken from a particular supplier, or from whom you can order a specific product.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please, here you are

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