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Tracking module broken links for OpenCart 3.0

Version 14

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Search engines pay lots of attention to the bounce rate of the site, to reduce it to a minimum, it is necessary not only to take care of a correct and attractive display site content, but also to minimize the number of bad (incorrect) references. Imagine how it would be convenient if it was possible to go in single file and immediately see all pages that are for some reason broken or not displayed properly? With the tracking module broken links this task will be solved very easily. His task is to keep track of all transitions leading to a 404 page or broken link and carry out an entry in a special file, by visiting which you will be able to correct the situation. You can create a redirect to another page right from the administration panel, to minimize the number of incorrect links and failure record. This decision will help to get rid of only internal broken links. They can appear for the following reasons:

  • The page has been deleted;
  • The CNC was changed and the 301st redirects to documents with new URLs were not made;
  • A video from YouTube was added to the article, which was later deleted;
  • A link was installed to download the program from the official site, but after updating the program, the developers changed the address of the file with the program;
  • Incorrect operation of some plugins.

Communication with other modules: NeoSeo Manager of redirects.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 1.5.x-2.x - please, here you are

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