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Version 19

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

If a visitor of your site goes to a link to a product from a search engine, there is a possibility that he will not display the position that meets his requirements. However, you can offer him similar products, which, perhaps, will interest him more significantly. To do this, there is a module "Similar goods", which displays similar units of the displayed position. You independently determine the number of displayed products in the block of recommendations. Also there is a choice of different ways, from where similar positions will be displayed:

  1. neighbors by category;
  2. neighbors by price and by category;
  3. have a similar name;
  4. with this product buy.

Blocks are perfectly rebuilt for your desires, creating an additional attraction for the product card. Also you can set limits on image size, increasing the speed of page loading.

Support for themes

The module supports a standard theme and theme from NeoSeo.

How to install the module

Described in the readme.txt file in the module's archive.

The result of the module:

The output of similar goods in the product card is shown in Figure 1.

Additional module benefits
  1. Output block, which displays similar products.
  2. Display a block on any page of the site.
  3. Support for all languages integrated into the site structure.
  4. Possibility to limit the goods displayed in the block.
  5. Limiting the size of images (if necessary).
  6. Symbolic restriction of the description of goods.
  7. Possibility to choose the method of selection of similar goods.
  8. An additional way to choose the selection of goods, if the main one does not have the goods.
  9. Possibility to choose a template for the block of similar goods.

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1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module -
+600 грн.
2. Layout adapation for your theme -
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2225 грн.

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