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Automatic SEO generator NC and metadata (Title, Description, h1) attractive EMOJI for OpenCart 3.0

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Some developers do not take seriously the mapping of the URLs of the online store and it is in vain. The correct formation of the URL of the page in the form NC (human-friendly url (URL)), firstly, will improve the ranking of your site, as search bots pay attention to it, and secondly, such an address is easier to remember the Client. He (the Client) need to understand what page he will go just by looking at the link.

Example NC: https://neoseo.com.ua/razrabotka-internet-magazina/

And probably one of the most important points of internal SEO-optimization is competent completion of metadata, such as title (title) and deskripsi (description). The metadata is passed to the search engines and Customers the most important information about the contents of the page.

The correct title tag should begin with the most requested keywords, and end with your site's name or the name of the city in which you offer your services (if we are talking about a commercial website). In turn, the description tag is more aimed at Customers. It needs to be designed to interest the person and he chose your online store from the search results.

We do not consider the meta tag keywords, because search bots from Google, Yandex, etc. no longer consider the keywords of a page written in this meta tag. This was because some sites were flooded just a list of keywords to manipulate search results.

Meta tags should be written for each page of your website. But if you have 100? 1000? For such purposes web-Studio NeoSeo has developed a module for an online store on OpenCart v 3.x, ocStore v 3.x and {SEO-store} called “Generator CNC and metadata”. This software solution will automate processes such as the formation of the NC page and filling out the meta tags.

The advantages of the module “Generator CNC and metadata” for an online store on OpenCart v 3.x, ocStore v 3.x and {SEO-store}

  • simple and intuitive interface
  • automatic generation of meta tags according to customized templates;
  • NC and metadata generation in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English);
  • metadata generation based on options and product attributes.

The module will allow you not to waste time manually filling in metadata on various pages of the site, but will do everything for you after the initial configuration of the formation template. You can configure the formation of CNC and meta tags for:

  1. goods;
  2. categories;
  3. manufacturers;
  4. articles
  5. a blog;
  6. authors;
  7. filters (generation of landing page meta tags created using the “SEO-filter” module);

Evaluate all the advantages of the module right now and completely free of charge, having issued a 14-day test license. Despite the low cost, this module is an indispensable tool for owners of online stores, as it will help save valuable time and, in fact, the money that you would have spent on salaries to employees.

Additional module benefits
  1. The formation of CNC and meta tags for goods;
  2. Formation of CNC and meta tags for categories;
  3. The formation of CNC and meta tags for manufacturers;
  4. Formation of CNC and meta tags for articles;
  5. The ability to generate meta tags in three languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian).

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 1.5.x-2.x - please, here you are

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