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Import of prices and goods from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) vendor Module for OpenCart 3.0

Version 20

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Providers use a variety of services for the storage of goods, but one of the most popular is still the old and good Excel. For this reason, we created the module “Import prices and items from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) provider” for owners of online stores on OpenCart v. 3.0, ocStore V. 3.0, which will help in filling the online store goods price from a vendor in the file formats .xlsx, .xls or .csv.

There is always a need to transfer goods in the online store, which sometimes takes a lot of time, especially if you carry a few dozen products. If anything, it is often the mismatch between fields in different file formats from different vendors that require constant adjustments.

Our software solution sends these deficiencies into oblivion. In module settings you can specify the location of fields for each file format with a price. Accordingly, the next time you load goods you will not need again to change the settings, just choose the settings for the specific file format.

Very often there is a need not only to create new items, but the update is already present. In this case, the search of the goods is made in his article, and if it finds a match its price or other information, is automatically replaced. It seems that all is well, but what if you have two products with the same SKU, but this can happen in cooperation with several suppliers.

The information will change in one product and in the second, which will cause serious confusion, which at first may not even notice and do not understand why you do not buy, for example, cups, until you see that the price on the website several times more than was supposed to be.

In our module we have taken care of this problem by adding a unique code to different vendors. As a result, each product will have its own individual ID consisting of an article code of the supplier.

Also when you update your product data, you can configure the update is not all information but only with one column, for example, only cost.

The price of many goods depends on its options, such as your smartphone, white color may cost a bit more than the smartphone in black. If Your online store suggests the presence of such goods, and then our module will be useful for You. How? The presence of a very useful tool “Linked options” to get acquainted with whom, and other useful tools, you can on the page module settings “Import prices and items from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) provider”.

This module will surprise you with the convenience of working with price lists in Excel formats. Make out a license right now and never look at the price lists of the supplier with anticipation of a long and tedious work.

Additional module benefits
  1. Allows you to manually edit the format of the columns and the type of price, which is received from the source.
  2. Manual and automatic price update modes.
  3. It supports several modes of operation, which means that you can make unique settings for the prices of each supplier.
  4. Automatic creation of new positions, based on the price list.
  5. Support for common and related options.
  6. Expanding the database by adding the required fields.
  7. Product filter to exclude items that do not need to be updated.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please, here you are

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