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* when buying from 1 500 грн.

Loyalty program v 3.0

Version 16

780 Licenses sold last week: 9

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Attract as many regular customers to your online store, increasing the conversion of the site! Thanks to the “NeoSeo Loyalty Program” module, you will be able to offer your customers a discount system that will encourage new orders on the website and generate additional income. The module is designed so that you can independently determine the size of discounts for each client individually or groups of clients. Choose cumulative discounts and bonus offers for customers who have registered, leaving their contacts.


Additional module benefits

  1. Setting personal discounts for customers of the store;
  2. Installation of group discounts for groups of customers;
  3. Installation of cumulative discounts with the possibility of specifying the gradation of cumulative discounts.
  4. Set discounts for a certain amount of the order.
  5. Ability to disable discounts for the necessary categories, manufacturers and products.

Вы покупаете:

License cost:
199 грн.

(на один домен,бессрочно, обновления бесплатно)

Лицензия на модуль:

Вам повезло! Заказывая установку и настройку данного модуля "под ключ", Вы получаете лицензию на модуль, всего за 1$ (25грн./60 руб.)

Бесплатно на
14 дней

Всего к оплате:

[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

Стоимость настройки модуля "под ключ"
Название работы
У меня OpenCart или его сборки:
Русская сборка / ocStore
А у меня {SEO-Магазин}
Модель "А" или "Б"
(что это? какие преимущества у вас?)
1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module -
+900 грн.
2. License price
(when ordering turnkey module configuration services)
199 грн.+25 грн.(Saving: 174 грн.)
199 грн.+25 грн.(Saving: 174 грн.)
925 грн.
Закажи настройку "под ключ", получи лицензию за 1 $

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Hello! We will tell and show everything - fill in the data so that our manager contacts you