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Very often when creating a product, category or article, there is a need to see how it looks in a store window. To do this, you have to do many actions, and if suddenly something is wrong, then again you have to repeat the same actions.

The “Quick switch from admin to showcase” module allows you to switch from the admin to the page of interest on the showcase and vice versa in one click. After installing the module, additional links are added for the transition:

  1. The list of categories in the admin "Directory> Categories";
  2. List of category editing in the admin panel “Catalog> Categories> Editing”;
  3. The list of products in the admin panel "Catalog> Products";
  4. The product editing page in the admin panel “Catalog> Products> Editing”;
  5. The list of manufacturers in the admin panel "Catalog> Manufacturers";
  6. The page for editing the manufacturer in the admin panel “Catalog> Manufacturers> Editing”;
  7. List of articles in the admin "Catalog> Articles";
  8. The article editing page in the admin panel “Catalog> Articles> Editing”;
  9. Categories page in a storefront;
  10. Manufacturers page on display;
  11. Product page in the window;
  12. Informative pages in the window.

IMPORTANT! The link is visible only if logged in as admin.

This module works on OpenCart 2.1.x, 2.3.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please, here you are

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