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Category menu for OpenCart 3.0

The module is in the process of adaptation for OpenCart, ocStore. Subscribe to the notice of the release of the add-on for sale for all versions of online stores on OpenCart.

Данный модуль работает на OpenCart 3.0

Если вам нужен модуль для версии 2.1 - пожалуйста, вам сюда

Module information

Модуль Меню категорий, Веб-студия, NeoSeo

Module Categories Menu allows you to view all store categories in the “tree” structure. All categories compactly grouped in lists and unfold/fold the click-through.

The module automatically caches data categories, and due to this significantly increases the speed of page loading.

Additional module benefits
  1. Conclusion of a “tree-like” structure of categories.
  2. Compact grouping in lists.
  3. Expands / collapses on click.
  4. Data caching.
  5. Ability to choose to display only child categories.
  6. When moving to a category, this category is automatically highlighted.
  7. When moving to a category, this category automatically expands.
  8. Ability to select a template.

Системные требования: PHP 5.3 - 7.2, ocmod

ioncube loader: 6.0 и выше

OpenCart: 3.0

Тип лицензии: На один домен и его поддомены

Метод активации: автоматически при покупке или по запросу на почту

You can see the work of the module here:
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