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Protecting images from copying with a watermark Module for OpenCart

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Suppose you have a shop and You specifically hired a photographer to take pictures of your products, or you are the photographer and spent a lot of effort for the sake of beautiful images. Of course, You expect that placing goods with beautiful photos, the buyer will prefer Your Internet shop, not competitors ' stores. This is especially important if you have shop of clothes or other items whose appearance is important to the buyer.

Consider the case with an online store. For quality photos you will need to pay a photographer, models, it is possible to find room for the photo shoot. It all is not cheap and, therefore, You do not want someone else used Your images, because they had spent time and money. For such purposes, and was created a module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore and {SEO-Store} “Watermark” that will protect the uniqueness of your photos.

The water label has the name is not accidental, because by conventional standards it should be translucent and not too flashy, not to distract attention from the image itself. First and foremost, the important essence of the image, not its authorship. Quality made watermark should be barely visible, but clearly visible, to organically looked on the picture.

A watermark placed using our module will not only help protect your photos from copying, but will also play an additional role in promoting the online store. Search robots index not only the text on the website, but also the images, so unique photos and their proper optimization are very important. Also, a watermark with the logo of your online store will add recognition to your business by distributing images over the network.

Why is it worth placing a watermark on the images of the online store?

First of all, such marks were invented in order to protect unique images from theft. Simply placing the watermark in the corner of the image, even without additional protection, will already help prevent copy-paste photos.

If someone downloads your photo with a watermark and places it on his resource, then, in fact, he will only make you free advertising.

The brand is of great importance for any store and increasing its recognition is directly proportional to the improvement in sales. Images with a logo, if they differ in originality, beauty or a certain style, are a good tool to increase brand recognition, because such photos quickly disperse on the network.

Advantages of the Watermark module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore and {SEO-Store}:

  • Protecting your content from copying by competitors;
  • Due to the simplicity and comprehensibility of the module, even a beginner in Internet marketing can work with it;
  • There is a function to hide the path to find the source image;
  • There is an opportunity to choose on which photos the watermark will be placed, and which not;
  • It is possible to set size limits to avoid watermarking banner ads, etc .;
  • You can disable the placement of the watermark for an entire catalog of images;

This module, like all NeoSeo modules, is fully compatible with all the functionality {SEO-shop} model "A" for self-tuning and {SEO-Shop} model "B", "turnkey" online store.

Multi-store support.

Protect your images from competitors today, purchase the Watermark module at a nice price and become better for your customers every day!

Additional module benefits
  1. You get the opportunity to protect your content from being copied by competitors.
  2. Its use is intuitive, which means that everyone, even a beginner in Internet marketing, will be able to cope with it.
  3. Ability to hide the way of finding the source image from competitors.
  4. You can independently determine which of the images to impose a watermark (for example, you can automatically apply a watermark with the company logo to large images, and leave small ones without it).
  5. It is possible to set limits on the size, so as not to impose a watermark on advertising and information banners.
  6. You can select entire catalogs of images, which do not need to be watermarked.
  7. Support multi-store.

This module runs on OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please go here.

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