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Notice of receipt of product module for OpenCart 2.1, 2.3

Version 14

3 4142 Number of sales: 72

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

As you know, every product has a quantity, and not always the availability is updated in a timely manner. So Your visitors can get to the product card, which, at the moment, no, but in transit to the warehouse... In this case, it becomes useful functionality of alerting the user of receipt of goods.

It is this module, we suggest You install it on your online store so that the client can set up the range and ordered goods, as soon as it arrives at the warehouse. Notification happens by means of e-mail alerts, which automatically occurs.

This module was created specifically for the online store based on OpenCart - {SEO-store}, the author’s development of our web studio and is not sold separately. For the development of this module, we spent more than 52 hours.

The module is in the process of adaptation for OpenCart, OcStore. Subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss the release of add-ons for all versions of online stores on OpenCart

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[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

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Russian assembly / ocStore
1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module -
+600 грн.
+600 грн.
2. Layout adapation for your theme -
+1 500 грн.
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+190 грн.
+190 грн.
2290 грн.
790 грн.

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