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Pulse NeoSeo

Slideshow category v 3.0

Version 5

734 Number of sales: 5

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

A presentable banner of your goods and services can be displayed not only on the main page of the site, but also in the categories of goods. Thus, the site will look more modern and diverse. Using the module "Banner Output in the category", you can independently install various banners on the categories of all products. The number of banners displayed in the slide show is unlimited.

How to install the module

Described in the file readme.txt in the module archive.

The result of the module


Additional module benefits
  1. Adapts banner for visitor screen resolution.
  2. Creates a slideshow from an unlimited number of banners.
  3. Allows you to specify the sizes of displayed banners.
  4. Displays a banner on the product category pages.

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License cost:
229 грн.


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14 days

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[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

Turnkey module setup cost"
Job title
I have OpenCart or its assemblies:
Russian assembly / ocStore
1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module -
+600 грн.
+300 грн.
2. Layout adapation for your theme -
+1 180 грн.
3. License price
(when ordering turnkey module configuration services)
229 грн.+25 грн.(Saving: 204 грн.)
229 грн.+25 грн.(Saving: 204 грн.)
1805 грн.
325 грн.
Order a turnkey setup, get a license for $ 1

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