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Partner Agreement

1. Registration in the program

1. Registration in the Partner program from NeoSeo provides the status of a Partner of the company. By registering in the Partner Program of the NeoSeo Web Studio, the Partner accepts the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to fulfill them.

2. When registering in the partner program, the Partner undertakes to provide correct data. The NeoSeo web studio has the right to request documents to confirm the correctness of the data.

3. NeoSeo Web Studio has the right to reject an application for registration in the Partner Program at its discretion, including if the partner site does not meet the goals of the program or contains information that is illegal.

4. The purpose of the Partners ' participation in the Partner Program from the Neogeo web studio — distribute software products to its customers and other users. The partner receives a commission for the clients brought in on the terms described in this Agreement, if he acts according to the purpose of the program.

2. Using links

A partner of the Neogeo web studio may use only those methods of attracting customers that correspond to the purpose of the Affiliate Program and do not contradict the forms specified in clause 6 of this Agreement.

3. Sales tracking

When a user follows an affiliate link, the script used by the Affiliate Program records the IP address from which the user visited the page. IP addresses are tracked in a database linked to the Partner's account. When a user decides to purchase a software solution, the script uses this data to determine which Partner will be charged a commission. With the help of this database and cookies, visitors who clicked on the partner link will be able to purchase software products later without losing the Partner's commission if the IP address and cookie are not deleted.

4. Payment of commissions

1. Commissions in the Partner Program of the NeoSeo web studio are accrued in the amount of 15% of the amount paid by the referral link by the Partner's User. The commissions are paid after checking the orders made by the clients listed by the Partners. A partner can apply for a commission payment when the Partner commissions are valid, and their total amount is the equivalent of $36 or more.

2. Before withdrawing the commission, the NeoSeo Web Studio has the right to request documents and data from the Partner to confirm the accuracy of data about the Partner, as well as information about the sources from which the Partner brings clients to achieve the goals of the Partner Program. If the Partner refuses to provide the data, he refuses to participate in the Partner Program and his commission is canceled.

3. The commission becomes valid after forty-five days from the date of payment of the invoice. If the Customer requests a refund within 45 (forty-five) days or there are disputes with the User on a certain order — the commission is canceled.

4. The commission is not charged in the case of payment for products with loans or bonuses provided to customers for advertising purposes, the commission is charged only from real funds received. NeoSeo has the right to supplement this list of conditions at its discretion.

5. NeoSeo has the right to extend the commission activation period at its discretion.

5. Partner's responsibilities

1. By attracting current and potential customers and / or visitors within the framework of this Agreement, the Partner undertakes to comply with the legislation of Ukraine and international legislation, in particular regulating advertising activities and conducting electronic correspondence.

2. The Partner undertakes to request a withdrawal of funds in accordance with the procedure specified in clause 4 of this Agreement.

3. NeoSeo Web Studio reserves the right to accept or reject any application for participation or affiliate commission.

4. The Web Studio undertakes to charge the Partner a commission for attracted buyers who will purchase NeoSeo software products using the partner link, in accordance with the payment procedure specified in clause 4 of this Agreement.

5. Any of the parties to the Agreement may terminate it at any time. Partner commissions are accrued only if the Partner is a party to the Agreement at the time of accrual.

6. Violation of the terms of the Partner Program

Under the terms of the NeoSeo Partner Program, it is prohibited:

If the NeoSeo web studio finds any of the listed violations, it has the right to block the Partner's account and cancel the accrued or pending commission. After the account is blocked, it is forbidden to create a new one.

7. The term of the Agreement. Changing the terms of the Agreement

1. The terms of this Agreement come into force from the moment of registration in the Partner Program. They are terminated after the cancellation of the Partner's account.

2. The terms of this Agreement may be changed by the Neogeo web studio at any time. The changes will take effect from the moment of publication of a new version of this Agreement. If the Partner has not expressed his intention to terminate this Agreement after its amendment, it is considered that he agrees to the amended terms.

8. Limitation of liability

Neogeo Web Studio is not responsible for indirect losses, loss of profit or commission related to failures in tracking sales, loss of database files and any results of the actions of the program or the site. In addition, the total liability arising in relation to this Agreement may not exceed the total commission paid or payable to the Partner under this Agreement.

9. Disclaimer of liability

NeoSeo Web Studio does not make any express or implied warranties or representations regarding the affiliate program and software products. A client brought to the website of a web studio by a Partner is served on an equal basis with any other clients of the web studio, as a result, has the same scope of rights and obligations as other Customers. NeoSeo does not give any guarantee that the provision of the Partner Program as a service will take place on an ongoing basis. Also, NeoSeo is not responsible for any consequences of using this program.

Neogeo Web Studio cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any error in the management of the Program, including, but not limited to, the human factor.

10. Dispute resolution

In case of disputes, the parties are guided by this Agreement, as well as the legislation of Ukraine.