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Pulse NeoSeo

Store reviews module for OpenCart 3.0

Version 8

862 Number of sales: 8

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Many customers, choosing a particular product, are guided by reviews from other buyers. That is why the site should be given the opportunity to add reviews, both about the store as a whole, and about each product separately. With the module "Customer Reviews", your customers will be able to post their opinions, thereby having the confidence of new visitors to the site.


Support for themes


The module supports a standard theme and theme from NeoSeo.


How to install the module

Described in the readme.txt file in the module's archive.


The result of the module:


The conclusion of the block of customer reviews about the store is presented in Figure 1.

Additional module benefits
  1. Display a block on any page of the site.
  2. Support for all languages integrated into the site structure.
  3. Ability to limit the number of recent reviews that will be displayed in the block.
  4. Support for various types of reviews: text, photo, video.
  5. Access to the administration of comments to determine which review is worth publishing, and which one is better to delete (after all, it can be written by competitors in order to lower the rating of the site).
  6. Ability to customize the appearance of the block reviews.

This module works on OpenCart 1.5.x, 2.1.x, 2.3.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please, here you are

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[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

Turnkey module setup cost"
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Russian assembly / ocStore
1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module - 2 hours
+600 грн.
2. Layout adapation for your theme - roughly 4 hours
+1 500 грн.
3. License price
+140 грн.
2240 грн.
0 грн.

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