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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Do not miss the opportunity to expand the methods of payment for orders in your online store by adding a payment module through OKPAY.

The “NeoSeo Payment via OKPAY” module allows you to make a payment using the OKPAY payment system, the main feature of which is accepting the title characters of various electronic payment systems and aggregating funds on the account in the system. In this electronic system is close to the aggregators of online payments.

Additional module benefits
  1. The ability to assign a status depending on the stage of payment (incomplete payment, payment was successful, payment went wrong).
  2. Selection of geographic zones in which payment for the order is possible through the OKPAY payment system.
  3. Setting the minimum order amount required to activate this payment method.
  4. The ability to specify the necessary allowed IP addresses belonging to OKPAY.
Данный модуль создан специально для Интернет-магазина на базе OpenCart - {SEO-магазина}, авторской разработки нашей веб-студии и отдельно не продается. Для разработки данного модуля мы потратили более 25 часов.

Модуль находится в процессе адаптации для OpenCart, OcStore. Подпишись на нашу рассылку, чтобы не пропустить выход дополнения в продажу для всех версий Интернет-магазинов на OpenCart

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