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Pulse NeoSeo

Extended product PRO Module for OpenCart

Version 23

Number of sales: 27

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This module was created specifically for the online store based on OpenCart - {SEO-store}, the author’s development of our web studio and is not sold separately. For the development of this module, we spent more than 115 hours.

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599 грн.
Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Specialists of the NeoSeo web studio have developed a unique software solution, thanks to which it will become much easier for you to draw up product cards in your own online store. It also allows you to make the site more convenient for customers and increase its effectiveness in terms of marketing.

Why do we need the "Improved Product Options" module for OpenCart

Initially, the OpenCart platform has a function that allows you to add different prices to the same product, taking into account changes in one of its characteristics - weight, volume, etc. For example, if you trade in clothes, it is not necessary to create separate pages for each size . Just add the option of optional choice. When the buyer clicks on the desired value, the option price will be calculated automatically.

The problem is that in standard OpenCart you cannot assign more than one parameter. But what if you have a “complex” product that can be selected according to several characteristics? For example, if we talk about wardrobe items, then not only the size of the clothes, but also its color is important. Create separate pages and sections? This will greatly complicate and slow down the work of filling the resource with new product items, as well as create an additional load on the site.

In addition, using the basic functionality of the OpenCart platform, you probably encountered the following problems:

  1. You cannot make it so that when you select the option, the actual total value is displayed immediately in the product card, and not in the basket. This problem may mislead the client. He will remember the amount that he saw on the product page, and when he realizes that he has paid more than expected, he will suspect the seller of dishonesty.
  2. Cannot display a demonstration of images matching the selected options. For each card, only one set of pictures is displayed. For example, you only attached a photo of a smartphone with a white case to the position, but you have in your assortment the same devices in black, red and blue. Even choosing the “black” option, the buyer still will not see what his future gadget should look like, because the pictures will still have the same version with a white case.
  3. There is no way to correlate the displayed value with the status of the Client viewing the card. For example, CRM is connected to the store, which can automatically identify the visitor. It will determine whether the user is a regular customer of the company, whether he participates in loyalty programs, whether discounts are entitled to him. But in standard OpenCart it is impossible to make so that for separate groups of buyers different prices are displayed.

All these and many other problems are solved by just one module from NeoSeo.

What is included in the advanced options

After installing our software solution, run it in the appropriate category of admin panel settings. After that, you will be able to perform the following operations:

  • Create new related options in any quantity, as well as link standard ones from OpenCart.
  • Indicate models, part numbers and product balance, set values for related options, attach additional characteristics to the cost.
  • Differentiate prices by customer groups, taking into account all types of discounts (wholesale, discount, etc.) offered by your online store.
  • Put separate photo options for each of the options. Do this so that the buyer, choosing the color, size or other parameter of the product, sees how the order actually looks.
  • Thus, one module combines the functionality of a whole group of options.

Advanced OpenCart Options: Benefits of Buying with NeoSeo

If you purchased each of the above functions as a separate product created in OCMOD, then this would cost 4,090 rubles / 1,600 UAH:

  1. Related options —1,800 p.
  2. Images for options - 1800 r.
  3. Living price - 490 p.

But we sell our universal product for only 2 091 rubles / 850 UAH. That is, using our offer, you will save more than 50%. In addition, you do not have to separately install each of the functions. The system is installed in one package, without unnecessary "puzzles".

Finally, another important advantage of our add-on for OpenCart is that in the process it does not send additional requests to the server, therefore it does not create unnecessary loads for the site.

The simplicity of the interface and the convenience of interacting with product cards are just as important for online markets as merchandising for offline outlets. This is one of those aspects of marketing on which the effectiveness of your business directly depends.

Buy advanced product options from NeoSeo right now! An impressive range of new features that will make your online store significantly more convenient and understandable for customers.

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599 грн.


От Клиента, Людмила

Тем, кто сомневается в покупке, рекомендую этот модуль, всё работает отлично!

От Клиента, leonid

Отличный модуль, решает много проблем, быстро работает. Спасибо автору за помощь и терпение.

От Клиента, Константин

Спасибо за отличный модуль. Только бы инструкцию еще для чайников. Вообще цены не было-бы)