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If you already have an online store on CMS OpenCart, and you use Bitrix24 for the sales and customer communication management system, then you just need the “Online store data exchange with Bitrix24” module. This module will make it possible to automate the receipt of orders from the store in CRM as new transactions. As a result, your task will only be to bring this deal to a successful conclusion.

Synchronization of the online store on OpenCart and Bitrix24 takes place using incoming webhooks, which can be configured in the “Applications” section of Bitrix. The module supports the following rights:

  • Users
  • CRM
  • After the initial synchronization settings from Bitrix24, you will be available:
  • Portal Name
  • User ID
  • Secret code

To work directly with the module, you need to make its initial settings, namely: specify the portal name, user ID and secret code that Bitrix24 provided to us (see image above). After the initial settings, you can:

  1. create a contact before creating a lead (the option has two values: Enable and Disable)
  2. put the person responsible for contacts (this option allows you to designate a user who will be responsible for contacts in Bitrix24)
  3. configure the source when creating a contact (this option allows you to assign a contact source in the Bitrix24 system)
  4. set the default contact type (this option is used if the customer group was not selected in the match table)
  5. configure the advanced option “Correspondence table: Customer group on the site - Contact type in Bitrix24”, which is necessary if each customer group on the site has its own contact type in the Bitrix24 system.

As for the leads, they are created only when registering on the site (both on a separate page for this and when placing an order), and also provided that the registration uses standard OpenCart methods. It also supports the creation of leads when applications are received in the modules “NeoSeo Capture Contacts” and “NeoSeo Subscription for the receipt of goods”.

In the tab of the module "Transactions" you can find options designed to configure the creation of leads in Bitrix24. Based on the orders of registered users, transactions are created that are assigned a contact in the order (provided that the creation of contacts is enabled by the module settings).

Thus, a separate transaction is created for each product from the order.

In this settings tab you can:

  • enable transaction creation when creating an order;
  • appoint a person responsible for the transaction;
  • set the stage of the transaction by default;
  • set the default transaction type;
  • configure the unloading of product options selected during the order in the comments to the transaction;
  • configure the creation of a transaction for a certain order status;
  • configure the advanced option “Correspondence table: Category on the site - Transaction type in Bitrix24”, which is used to compare each product category from the order with the transaction type in Bitrix24.

Do not waste your time by automatically transferring orders from the online store to Bitrix24. Our best practices have been helping owners of the network business since 2014. During this time, many positive reviews have accumulated, and we hope that this number will be replenished with one more - yours. Evaluate all the benefits of the module “Exchange Online Store Data with Bitrix24” right now, using a test license.

Additional module benefits
  1. Create contacts based on leads.
  2. Creating leads when registering and receiving an application through the modules “NeoSeo Capture Contacts” and “NeoSeo Subscription for the receipt of goods”.
  3. Creating separate transactions for each product from the order.
  4. Thin module settings with the ability to use directories from Bitrix24.
  5. Logging in the module, which will track the creation of contacts, leads and deals and possible problems with these actions.

This module works on OpenCart 2.1.x, 2.3.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please, here you are

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