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OpenCart and 1C: Enterprise

Module for integrating the exchange and synchronization of data from the web studio NeoSeo

Version 126

From July 1 to August 1 when buying a module and ordering a synchronization and data exchange service "on a turn-key" give any module!

Module Information
The license for Exchange Module and Synchronization OpenCart with 1С: Enterprise is issued on request to mail info@neoseo.com.ua

Web Studio NeoSeo offers author's development: synchronization of the online store with an accounting system 1С: Enterprise.

Why it is needed?

Of course, if there are two dozen orders per month in the online store, there is no warehouse, and the whole scheme is reminiscent of Dropshipping, the accounting system, probably you do not need. But when in your business are involved suppliers, warehouses, mutual settlements – then you just need to synchronize the data with the accounting software, so that prices and leftovers "are loaded" already directly from there, and all the accounting took place in one place.

It is for these purposes that you
need a module
Exchange and Synchronization with 1С: Enterprise for OpenCart versions 1.5-2.3  NEW! Supports 3 version of OpenCart
which will accomplish your tasks quickly and efficiently.
License is bought once and for all, and during the first 12 months you will have the opportunity to upgrade and get the latest version of the module with all the developments for free.
Try it for free!
Write on e-mail: license@neoseo.com.ua, and we will issue you a test license for 14 days!
Application of the accounting program 1С: Enterprise in the work of your online store, and synchronizing data with an offline store or warehouse provides for:
  • Automation of the organization of the Online store, adding a resource to the general enterprise accounting system;
  • The possibility of obtaining a complete picture of financial affairs and the results of the online store, as well as other offline sales outlets;
  • Optimization of the financial analysis of the activity of the Internet store on OpenCart
The main advantages of our Exchange module OpenCart with 1C: Enterprise
1. Transparency of work
Whatever happened during the import process - all this will be properly reflected in the logs, that even an unprepared person is able to read and, if necessary, respond to the problem, if there was a place to be.
2. Full Technical Support on a fee basis
If you have any special needs - no problem, we are the developer, not the reseller of this module, so you can be sure that we can all implement and you all will work exactly as you need it, but for an additional payment.
Additional advantages of the NeoSeo module Exchange between OpenCart and 1C: Enterprise, 8.2-8.х
  1. Complete logging of the process.
  2. Tweaking all the nuances of synchronization (more than 2 dozens of options).
  3. The possibility of binding goods by the article, or by the model or name of the goods.
  4. Work directly with the database (less vqmod-а and compatibility issues).
  5. Ability to manually import and export data.
  6. Uploading of images.
  7. Uploading of attributes.
  8. Uploading of options (may be required revision of unloading from the 1с side).
  9. Uploading of manufacturers.
  10. Uploading of categories.
  11. Uploading of dimensions (length, width, height) through the same product properties.
  12. Uploading seo_title, seo_description, seo_keyword and seo_h1.
  13. Uploading of weight through the product of the same name.
  14. When you delete items, attributes, or categories, you delete relevant links with 1s, that the following import passed normally.
  15. Does not stain images with a watermark - it is destiny of third-party modules. In particular, you can choose NeoSeo Watermark.
  16. Do not try to build yourself out of yourself sео-generator - it is destiny of third-party modules.In particular, there is integration with SeoGen.
  17. Guaranteed and prompt solution of any issues - yes, for an additional payment, BUT! everything will work for you, and your business instead of idle time will earn and bring you money, not a headache and additional difficulties.
Support (versions, configurations)

Synchronizing online store data with the program of the account of goods occurs with the following versions of 1С:

Enterprise –

Everything that contains the menu item "Service" \ "Exchange with WEB site", successfully maintained.

Our module supports such configurations:

· UT 10 and higher (Russia); · UT 2.3 and higher (Ukraine); · UNF 1.6 and higher.
Installation by example OpenCart 2.Х (for other versions of OpenCart, see the instructions inside the archive):
  • Request a license key by email license@neoseo.com.ua, while pointing:
  • if not directly from us, then: site name, on which you bought the module.
  • your nickname on this site;
  • the order number on this site, for example 355446;
  • the primary site domain for activating the license;
  • test site domain for development.
  • Unpack and upload the key to the root of the site, next to, robots.txt.
  • If you are properly configured and connected ftp, then:
  • Install the entire archive through Additions/Installation extensions.
  • If OpenCart is not configured correctly, then we do it manually:
  • Unzip the archive with the module and load the contents of the folder upload to the website.
  • In the archive there is a file install.xml, rename it to install.ocmod.xml and upload via Additions/Installation extensions.
  • Click the button "Update" on the page "Additions/ Modifiers".
  • Install the module via the menu "Additions / Modules".
  • Set permissions for viewing the module to the right users.
  • You can order the module installation service "turn-key".
  1. Update the modifier.
  2. Re-install.
Frequently asked Questions:
Advantages of NeoSeo modules:
- only practice

only tried and well thought out solutions for the CIS market. Each of our products, whether online store as a whole or a separate solution (any of the modules that we have written) - it is a product of many years of experience, which is constantly being updated by feedback from the market.

- we develop and implement our products in a comprehensive manner:

design, верстка, programming, Internet Marketing. Full cycle of work for obtaining the result: generating a sales and generating your profit. Working with us you will not find yourself in a situation, where programmers do not understand, what "these SEOs" are demanding from them; and vice versa.

- we do and everything works for you.

If you need something to modify, change or something needs to be improved - no problem. We are ready to do everything according to your wishes. We are the authors of this module, programmers, not dealers or integrators. Cooperating with our studio, you have the right to expect, that thanks to our vast experience, you get direct prices from the developer, and besides, always at your service competent consultation.

- dear customers, we are very pleased to help you

and in many cases we do it for free. Please take into account, that free support and consultations are carried out on the basis of our goodwill, and in cases where the analysis of errors is required from 1 hour (not through the fault of the module) we reserve the right to perform technical support/consultations on a paid basis. Thank you for understanding.

You can see the work of the module here:
Login: admin
Password: admin
If you decide to integrate your online store on OpenCart with мойсклад.ру, want to warn: if you have any problems, then the maximum that you will hear from мойсклад.ру support: "everything is working", "we do not provide logs", "solve it yourself". In general - at your peril.
Attention! Very often we are approached by webmasters with the requirement to provide free setup services and on diagnosis of causes "and why the module does not work in my online store?!"

We answer - the module works. In order for you to believe this, take into account the fact, that we sold and conducted the setup integration of exchange and synchronization with 1С more than 500 times, and everyone was happy with the result

Please, if you have something does not work, do not need to immediately pay "a compliment" left and right, try to understand the issue, and if you do not have enough time or qualifications - please contact for paid technical support, we are always happy to help
Buy the module with confidence, that your business will work, and if necessary, we will always be able to refine it for your individual needs, but again, on a fee basis.

P.S. Let's say straight and without superfluous self-praise - is the best solution on the market, and if you are not from that dozen, which save 100$ on business processes - take and use with confidence in the future.

Our other products, which will be useful in any store on OpenCart:
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  2. Robots.txt Generator, without which search engines will index unnecessary pages and lower the relevance of your site
  3. Tracking broken links, so not to waste traffic
  4. Redirect module, which allows you to repair broken links
  5. Source orders, to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  6. Accelerating the speed of loading the online store pages on OpenCart by the recommendations of Google PageSpeedInsights to get into the green zone and get more privileges from Google and Яндекс
  1. Uploading the products on price aggregators Idealo, Kelkoo, Pricerunner and Amazon and etc., Module for OpenCart from NeoSeo web studio, which allows to download data for price aggregators
  2. SEO-audit of Online store on OpenCart to identify problems, which may hinder promotion