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Quick switch from admin to display - module for OpenCart 3.0

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Editing information in different sections of an online store is a very responsible mission, because you can say that you work with the person of the site. It can always happen that you have not noticed somewhere that the HTML tag is not closed (if it is a question of working with articles), or the pictures in the product card have been wrongly selected, but you can see it only after saving the changes.

Our "Quick Switch from Admin to Showcase" module for OpenCart 3.x, ocStore 3.x and {SEO-store] online store will help you to go from admin to website and back in one click to see the same changes and fight find bugs that need editing. This will save you a lot of time due to the fact that you no longer have to search for an article or product card on the site, and simply click on the link. After installing the module you will have additional links to navigate:

In the administrative panel:

  1. to the list of categories;
  2. to the list of commodity items;
  3. to the list of manufacturers;
  4. to the list of articles;
  5. to the category editing page;
  6. to the product editing page;
  7. to the manufacturer's editing page;
  8. to the article editing page;

On the showcase:

  • to the categories page;
  • to the manufacturers page;
  • on the product card;
  • to information pages;

IMPORTANT! Links to the site are only visible after authorization with admin rights.

If you are a content manager, or at least a little involved in posting and editing information on your site, then you are familiar with how it is to constantly look for an article in which you have made changes. It seems that there is nothing tedious about it, but if you need to change a dozen product cards, then on the fifth you will be very bored. Our module for its modest price will relieve you of such need and will make your work more convenient. License and rate all the beauty of working with NeoSeo products.

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Russian assembly / ocStore
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725 грн.

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