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Stop the 404th page: "archive" access to goods that are not already sold - Module for OpenCart

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Module information
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Each online store after a certain period of work, what happens is that some goods can end, it can no longer be produced by the manufacturer, or it was seasonal. Therefore you will not sell it. But what to do with the product page in this case? Some owners of Internet shops simply delete the page which is not recommended. If You just remove the product page, then your website will appear a 404 page (page not found), or otherwise, broken links that do not really “love” Google and Yandex. To solve this problem using 301 redirect is not the best option.

To solve this problem web Studio NeoSeo has developed a module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore and {SEO-Store} called “Archival product”, which as an experienced librarian will help to clean up the database products.

This module will be very useful in the management of the online store, but if You are just planning to create your Internet enterprise, we recommend you to do it yourself with the help of our design {SEO-Shop} the model or to order a professional online shop “turnkey”.

How does the module “Archival product”?

The product page can be useful for your store even if you this product is not selling. Why? Most likely this page has already been indexed by search engine and has some link juice to share pages with other products. It is also possible that this product is referenced from other resources, so it doesn't pay to remove such pages, and best of them back up. In the case of archiving, the item will not appear in the categories, but still be available when navigating a direct link.

Using the module “Archival product” for the store on OpenCart, ocStore and {SEO-Store} in the item card is placed the label “Archive”, and below you will be able to display a list of similar products that may be of interest to a potential buyer.

This module is very useful on the part of internal SEO optimization, because archived products are still stored in the site database, which will help to avoid duplicate information, prevent the problem of broken links, and configure linking to transfer the link weight to pages with new products.

The potential Client will not have the feeling that you have a small assortment, because in each archive card of the product there will be links to similar products, and instead of the one sought, the Client will receive four recommended ones and with a high probability will want to review them. If he doesn’t even buy anything, he will wander around the site, which, in principle, is also not bad.

An additional advantage of the “Archived goods” module for a store on OpenCart, ocStore and {SEO-Shop} is the ability to archive a whole category of products and, if necessary, return active status to the goods in the archive.

Still wondering if your online store needs this module? To get rid of doubts, use the free test license and make sure that this tool is in your arsenal.

Additional module benefits
  1. Archived items are not displayed in categories on the site.
  2. Saving links to archived goods, but information about the product is displayed only when a direct transition from the search engine.
  3. Saving the goods in the database of the site, which eliminates duplicates in the articles and products.
  4. Saving reference weight.
  5. The ability to offer customers similar products, links to which can be specified in the module settings. As a result, the sentence "Similar goods" will be displayed in the archive product card.
  6. The ability to offer customers categories that contain similar products.
  7. Ability to assign categories to the status of "archive". In this case, in the settings of the module, you can specify a redirect to a similar category.

This module runs on OpenCart 2.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please go here.

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